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The group started in Caldwell , Idaho in 1959 with some interruptions in 1962 When paul was drafted and 1977 when the group stopped touring for awhile but came back in 1983. The group was started as THE DOWNBEATS orginally . The had some mid success in the midwest and were the first group to record the Hit song Louie louie but were beat out by another local group by the name of the Kingsmen who had a national hit with the song. The group slowly made their way to California where they connected up with Dick Clark and using Dick's middle name as inspiration went on to create the best novelty costumes which Rock has ever seen!! With their tricorn hats and ruffled shirts and other colonial haberdashery   and their wild stage show they became Dick Clarks American stage show with the tv show "Where The Action Is! "  Some of this great stage shows and customs would later hurt the group from people remembering the great music they also made!!

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In 1961 the group released some of their early work such as Like Long Hair . In 1963 the group took on some new members in Portland Oregon, with Drake Levin and Phil Volk (Fang) ,and Mike Smith (Smithy). Revere and Lindsay had already gotten the attention of Columbia Records and wound up to be the first ROCK GROUP which the label ever signed.  In 1965 the group hosted Dick Clarks tv show Where the Action is! which turned Mark into a instant teen idol. Even though the groups' sound was sort of hard rock the young teens loved them.

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The groups first notable single was Steppin Out which was followed by a different top song called " Just Like Me" .  On the groups next album they scored even larger hits such as the song "Kicks " . At this point in time the hits seem to come along pretty easy with such songs as Hungry, -1966 , Good Thing, Ups and downs, Him or Me -1967

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At this point in time Levin , Volk and Smithy  left the group to form their own group called the Brotherhood, which went on to make two albums on RCA. Jim Valley( Harpo) also left at this time to persue his solo career. Freddy Weller, Charlie Coe and Joe Jr came to the group to replace the boys and the group made their Revolution album in 1967 which went on to make it into the top ten. They continued with their chart success with such songs as To Much Talk and Mr Sun Mr Moon in 1968 and 1969.

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In 1970 with the tides changing in the music world the group changed their name to THE RAIDERS. In 1970 and 1971 the group continued with the hit parade with such songs as Indian reservation and Birds of a faether.

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At this point Keith Allison had join the group who was a orgianl solo act on their old tv show Where the Action is!! and Smithy also rejoined the group.   The group had already had their second tv show called Happening.

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Mark Lindsay had already started his solo career at this point and had such hit songs as Arizona , Silverbird and Miss America . He was thinking of releasing another single of his own called Indian Reservation but put it out as a group single instaed which wound up to be Columbia records altime best selling single.

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MARK LINDSAY                      PAUL REVERE

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1970's Group Poster


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Current Touring Group

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Mark Lindsay presently touring and recording.

You also may purchase cd's of the group and Mark's Solo
career including his latest cd Video Dreams  at  his website:








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