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Harpo  during the Flower Pwer era!!!

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An article about Harpo ,( Jim Valley)

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ramarsm.JPG (3451 bytes)    Mark was famous for his long ponytail!

The girls really loved it!!!  He was the #1 front man of a major rock group!


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Mark during the psychedelic era

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A centerfold of the teen magazine.

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A Poster of the group during this era.
Question-Who sold more posters,The Doors,Jimi Hendrix or the Raiders?
The answer ===Paul Revere and the Raiders!!!!!!


"For anyone who is a real raider fan,I'd like to say that when I went to San Jose to see themin concert,I gave their road manger (Hoss) a letter to Smitty. I could not beleive when I received an answer to the letter from Smitty a few days later.

"Where The Action Is!" is shown at 9:30am in Cleveland. I've started a campaign to get it on at 4:30 and I need  all the help I can get. If you are interested in helping me, please write and enclose a 5 cent stamp so I can answer your letters.  Sandy             Note: in NY it was on at 4:30

I"m wild about Mark Lindsay and Paul revere . I read somewhere else that Paul is Mark's Uncle. Is this true?         Lynn

It's not fair! It seems that everyone all over the country will be able to see "Happening68" with Paul and Mark except those of us in Detroit! Please everyone help by writing letters to the station manager of WXYZ and tell him to air the show! Carol


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