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During this time period of the sixties and the early sventies you could not pick -up any Teen magazine which did not have Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere and the Raiders not only in the magazine but on the cover of the magazine.  During this period the Raiders were the number one group of the young teens.  They had many hits during this era such as Kicks /Hungry/Indian Reservation ,just to name a few.  They also had the most tv time than any other group of this era with their shows ,"Where the Action Is!" and "Happening" plus their many appearances on other shows such as Ed Sullivan, The Smothers Brothers Show and many others.

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Mark  Fang  Drake  Smitty

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Another show which the group appeared on offen was Dick Clarks American Bandstand since it was Dick Clark who backed the group with both of their shows .

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Phil Volk ,( Fang ) tells of his childhood in Idaho on a farm.

" Drake and I were the hippies of the school ,me with my gituar and him with his turtleneck sweaters . We Really grooved with one another. I taught him to play guitar and he taught me his city dance steps. -----Fang

"Drake Levin is now a single performer and has made a fantastic record called "Childhood's End" . He is going to be on "Action" very soon. He went on tour with Paul Revere and the Raiders and took Fang's place while he was recuperating from a bad attack of tonsilities. -----Dick Clark

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ragppol.JPG (25626 bytes) The Raiders were always known for their showmanship. They always kept you entertain as they played their great songs such as Just Like Me, Good Thing or Ups and Downs just to mention a few of their great songs. The Raiders were trully entertainers and not just musicians which they also really were great musicians. It is believed that the raiders inspired NBC to create the group The Monkees.


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