The Raiders

The Raiders are the name which the group of Paul Revere and the Raiders went by in their later recording career. In this time period the group made some great hard rock n' roll albums. If you liked "Kicks", "Hungry", "Steppin Out", "Good Thing", "Him or Me", then you will differently like some of the great songs made in this period. Just to name a few ,"Just Seventeen", "We Gotta All Get Together", "Country Wine", "Powder Blue Mercedes Queen", and of course" Indian Reservation" . During this time
the Raiders group members were , Mark Lindsay, Paul Revere, Freddy Weller, Charlie Coe, and Joe Jr.. After a few albums Charlie and Joe Left the group and were replaced by Keith Allison and Smitty returned to the group, since he was the orginal drummer.

Also during this period Mark Lindsay did all the vocals and produce the albums. The group was not as successful commercially as their early career but they made great music which was even liked by the critics . However they had a hard time losing their early image which was
no longer acceptable in these times.


The Raiders


Paul Revere

Organ Player



Mark Lindsay

Lead Singer

Freddy Weller



Keith Allison


Joe Correro Jr.


Raiders Albums

Songs include: Let ME, I had A dream, Don't Take it So Hard, Too Much Talk, Just Seventeen, The Boys in the Band, Cindera Sunshine, Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon, Do Unto Others, We Gotta All Get Together, Gone Movin' On.




This is one of the most underrated albums ever made. This is an unbelievable Rock album!

Songs included are: "Just Seventeen", "We Gotta all get Together", "Save the Country", "The Boys in the Band", "Gona Movin on" and many more great songs!








Yes this includes the song which the album was named after.

Indian Reservation

This is the all time greatest selling single from Columbia Records!!!!! This album also includes: Birds Of A Feather, Eve Of destruction, Shape of Things To Come, Take Me Home , and many more great songs!


This album includes such songs as: Country Wine , Powder Blue Mercedes Queen, Hungry For Some Lovin , Where Are Your Children, Ballad Of The Unloved, and many other great songs!



Smitty, Keith, Freddy, Paul and Mark Kneeing.


There was a couple of singles released after this album such as Song Seller which are included on the Legend of Paul Revere cd . However the last album was never released and has been called the Lost Album which hopefully someday will be released!

For availability of these albums on CD, Please contact Mark Lindsay and/or Sundazed  records.



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