Paul Revere and the Raiders

Current Touring Band


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Paul Revere


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The current touring band consist of Paul Revere ,Carl Driggs,Omar Martinez,Jamie Revere, Doug Heath, Daniel Krause, and Ron Foos.

The group still has a very active touring schedue .


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   Paul Revere

  Vocals and Keyboards         pr30s.jpg (5752 bytes)




prrcarlnew.gif (14607 bytes)  Carl Driggs

  Lead Vocals   pr28s.jpg (5429 bytes)   




prrdannew.gif (17186 bytes)Daniel Krause

Keyboards and vocalspr27t.jpg (5008 bytes)




prrdougnew.gif (12118 bytes)Doug Heathpr26s.jpg (4938 bytes)

Lead Gitar




prrronnew.gif (13558 bytes)Ron Foospr23s.jpg (5110 bytes)

Bass Guitar






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prrjamienew.gif (12919 bytes)Jamie Revere

Rhythm Guitar