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The Other Albums

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This is the Beach Boys box set which gives you a nice history of the group with all their many hits included plus many unreleased songs also on this box set. It includes some different versions of songs which you have heard and many songs which were never released including songs from the SMILE era .

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This is the Pet Sounds Box Set which give you a complete history of this one of a kind album made by brian and the boys back in 1966 . This album has been said that it change music history and this box set will show you how brian did do that!
This box set is up for many awards due  to the unbelieveable content of this box set.


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This is the cd -"ENDLESS HARMONY" which is the sound track from the recent vh-1 special on the group and should be released shortly as a VHS tape. Above is the cd soundtrack which is trully a great album. It includes many songs never released before plus other versions of songs you know. Loop de Loop , Barbara, Brian's back, Soulful Old Man Sunshine , just to name a few.

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This is the Beach Boys new relese of their christmas music called   " Ulimate Christmas" which includes the groups orginal christmas album plu some unreleased songs and their never before heard 1977 christmas album.

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This is "American Band" a vhs tape on the groups history.
Contains alot of facts which the average person maybe unaware of the group's history . Contains some great songs and some versions of songs which were never heard before.   A must for any beach boy fan . This tape comes in two versions , a 60 min. version which is basically only the songs and a90 min. version which really tells you the story.

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Well the tilte of this album tells all. My favorite from this album is the group singing "In My Room" in German. Includes some songs by other groups such as "With ALittle Help from My Friends" and the "Letter" as examples plus some rare versions of the groups songs .

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This cd was released in 1973 and includes: Sail on Sailor, Sloop John B. , Marcella, Leaving This Town, Hereos and Villians , Wouldn't it be Nice< and more!

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Includes: Darlin, Aren't You Glad, Birds Over The Nountains, Their Hearts were Full Of Spring, God Only Konows and more!

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This is the greatest hits of the group during the Reprise years.It includes such songs as: Disney Girls, It's A Beautiful Day,Goin On, It's OK, Cool ,Cool Water, Good Timin' Sail On Sailor, Lady Lynda, Surf's up, and more. It is a two cd set.

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This is Mike's solo album which includes: On and On And On, Calendar Girl, Be My Baby, Teach Me Tonite and more.


This page is only for the special projects which the group has done and does not include all the many other great albums which the group has released throughtout the years. The one album which I differently recomend to get you started with your new interest in the group and if you are a fan i assume you already own it the album-"ENDLESS HARMONY" which will expose you to just enough of the groups other music but also includes many standards which should be fimiliar with.